sábado, 20 de maio de 2017


Texto de autoria de Alceu Natali com direito autoral protegido pela Lei 9610/98. LEIA O TEXTO AO SOM DA MÚSICA DO VÍDEO POSTADO NO FIM. Sem ela, a vida seria um erro (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Meat Is Murder was my first close encounter with the boys from Manchester and this MIM got me on my knees. I had to know more about this next big thing. Not too long The Smiths fell into my hands and whispered in my ears they were sort of skipping stages, like jumping from a Please Please Me to A Hard Day's Night and then to a Rubber Soul and then god only knows to what next. Too soon a rumor of an even better than the real thing spread in my neighborhood on the grounds that it was an imported, hard to find and priceless Hatful of Hollow. And I paid the price which turned out to be an anticipated and expensive invitation to a big party celebrating the long awaited death of the blue blood queen of Camelot. The party's treats and traits included only caviar and vintage wine and lasted for a whole week, like in those wedding parties in the old days of Cana in Palestine of the first century of the Common Era. An inside out dressed guest at this Dead Queen party approached whom he thought to be the bridegroom and said to him: Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now. I think that guest was that Amazon bloke who wrote a review of this album stating that The Smiths are essentially a singles band. He was drunk but I think he was right; after all, every Smiths album is great and made of hit singles only. If you like good wine like that one served at Cana 2,000 years ago, I recommend you to start with The Smiths, Meat is Murder, Hatful of Hollow, Louder Than Bombs and Strangeways, Here We Come. Save this Dead Queen brand for a very special date, like your own funeral, for instances! Long live Morrissey and Marrs!